the art of intentional living
12 week online program

Welcome to this virtual space where we will explore the inner workings of how to live intentionally.

Join a conscious community and myself as we embark upon a 90-day journey into creating a new paradigm to engage life with and upon.

The 90 days will involve 12 weeks of exploring your attention and your reality, through conscious awareness of concepts that have been shared within the book, the book the art of intentional living, How to create calm in a world of chaos.

Each week we will explore and discuss the concepts presented within the book, chapter by chapter. At the beginning of the week, I will share with you a video that outlines, the concepts and what we will be placing our attention on for that week.



You will be invited to a conscious community of like-minded people, who are on a similar journey to you.
Within this community group, you will be able to share your discoveries, successes, and challenges. I will also be walking beside you of the duration of the 90 days, with my successes, challenges and discoveries.

At the end of the week, you will be invited to join the community and me on a live zoom meeting. To clarify any questions that you may have had during the week and its learnings and teachings.

Together we shall all walk alongside each other, sharing our experiences, gaining wisdom through knowledge and application and shifting our paradigms from fear, scarcity and doubt to hope abundance and trust.

The benefits of being part of a community within the context of this program are that you are accountable to self and others selves. You will be able to learn and teach from your experiences and the listening and sharing of other-selves. The challenges in going it alone, when embarking on such a program, is one can lose context and misinterpret the learnings and teachings that are shared within the book, one can become lost quite easily, and hopelessness can arise. This can lead one to fall prey to the default safety mechanisms of the mind by repeating old behaviours and the patterns of thought.

When you invest in yourself, you are saying I am worthy, I am valuable, and I am significant in my life. The ripple effect of this then expands into your relationships with other-selves and ultimately, life. “Life relates to you in the way you relate to yourself.”

The investment in yourself is not only financial; it is your energy, your presence, your time and most importantly, your intention.

I encourage you to consider yourself as the most significant point of reference in your life, and in acknowledging this, you are saying to life,

“I am worthy and a valuable soul upon this earth.”

Join me on Monday 11th October, when we will have our first zoom meeting to introduce you to the community and how we will structure the program.  Let us create a conscious community that promotes intentional living to create, calm in the world of chaos.

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If you want to awaken to a better Relationship with life, Here lies the opportunity to step through the door of reclaiming your divinity. (Remembering your purpose)

the art of
intentional living:
how to create calm
in a world of chaos

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