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I would be honoured to share this space with like-minded souls that are service to others oriented and who would like to expand the consciousness on this planet. I invited collaborations with others that serve this purpose. If you feel drawn to sharing your vision with me then please reach out and join me on the field of consciousness. I would love to inhabit the sacred space with you, my brother or sister, I look forward to connecting with you.


Maurice has a profound impact on participants that hear his words. He is a proficient speaker, conducting workshops, seminars and has been a keynote speaker. Maurice has engaged with a worldwide audience via TED talk on how a mantra can impact your day in a positive day. This speech has been viewed over 14 million times.

If you would like an impactful conversion surrounding the mind, the body and the spirit. Then Maurice will certainly leave an impact on the consciousness of your participants.


We invite applications for like-minded souls who are aligned with creating content of an empowering nature that involves evolutions towards unconditional love.

here are some of the topics that
maurice has delivered:

  • Resilience and Adversity 
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • How to create an intimate relationship
  • The art of manifesting
  • The empowering mindset
  • Spiritual embodiment


coming soon

We excited and honoured to announce the arrival of a dream, concept and a vision that has been brewing in the primordial vat of creativity for the past 28 years. This is the enlightenment centre, a centre of union with the love and light that is the universe and creation. This centre has been architecturally designed by a feng-shui master which invites divine energies of heaven and earth coming together to create perfect harmony on the planet.

The gardens have been designed upon sacred geometry and mirrored to represent each of the organs within the human body. These gardens are of a healing nature with the intention of any person that spends time in these surrounds will experience significant healing of a metaphysical nature.

The expert practitioners that are visiting this space to share their knowledge, wisdom and love will offer a range of modalities and healing systems. We invite you to attend our opening in both the physical and non-physical. We look forward to meeting you and sitting with your presence on this glorious day.

skillful thinker

spiritual mentor

mindset architect

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