From one to one coaching to workshops and classes, there is a spiritual space for you. 
Let me be your mindset architect.

one to one coaching

mindset coaching

The 12-week coaching program that explores the intricacies of the mind and how it ultimately wants to keep you safe, however safe is more so surviving rather than thriving. This program will move you from automatically reacting and being a victim of your environment to learning to respond with your thoughts and emotions and having a greater sense of confidence, control and conviction.

spiritual mentoring coaching –
“become your own buddha”

A 12-week program that introduces you to the confines of the safety and survival mechanisms of the mind and allows you to transcend the egoic attachments that the mind creates. This program will explore and uncover the spiritual sovereignty that is awaiting for you when you
open to your own divinity.

online programs

12 Week Online Program

Join a conscious community and myself as we embark upon a 90-day journey into creating a new paradigm to engage life with and upon.

The 90 days will involve 12 weeks of exploring your attention and your reality, through conscious awareness of concepts that have been shared within the book, The Art of Intentional  Living: How to create calm in a world of chaos.

Each week we will explore and discuss the concepts presented within the book, chapter by chapter. At the beginning of the week, I will share with you a video that outlines, the concepts and what we will be placing our attention on for that week.

The book has been based on the coaching program that I have had the pleasure of working with.

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workshops + events

the ripple effect

The ripple effect is a men’s circle that supports the knowledge and application of empowering men and community that they are a part of. This space allows men to confidently speak their truth, the vulnerabilities and their curiosities of how to create a secure relationship with self, others and their community. Some of the topics that are discussed surround emotional intelligence, leadership and relationships. This circle is for men who are wanting to engage with themselves and their community in a more positive way.

the sacred masculinity

A men’s group for the conscious man who is awakening to his own sacred divinity, that which he truly is. This roup discusses concepts of a metaphysical nature that create union within self, other-selves and life. The man who embarks on this journey is honouring himself and also honouring life. The sacred man is the conscious manifestation of divine masculinity.

men’s immersion weekend

Two-day exploration of masculinity in a sacred space. This is a men’s circle that explores the initiation into the balancing of masculine and feminine energies that reside within each and every man. We will explore the many relationships and roles that today’s man needs to be aware of to consciously engage with his partner and his community.

the art of intimate relationships

This is a two-day experiential workshop that explores the origins of how relationships are created and how the impact our of attachments to others ultimately direct and guide the relationships we have as adults. Will we explore psychological theories and metaphysical concepts that promote a greater connection and union with others, with self and ultimately life. The workshop balances both theory and experience by incorporating chi-gong,
breathwork and meditation. This workshop will allow you to understand your behaviours and the behaviours of others that you have your relationships with. It will give you the tools to address a change, to change pre existing scripts and behaviours of an insecure attachment in your relationships to one of a secure attachment to self, others and life. If you would like to have a greater union and intimacy within your relationships than this workshop is
for you.

one to one meditation

These are one hour individualised sessions that explore the essence of meditation. You will be introduced to a myriad of meditation techniques and exercises. Each session will explore you and your relationship to your mind in meditation. The sessions also include breath work and discourses surrounding the understanding of the mind. You will feel a greater sense of relaxation, calm, peace and understanding of self through the application of these meditational exercises. If you would like to explore your inner worlds in a one to one experience then this is the space for you.


emotional Intelligence coaching for men

This program explores the essential elements of creating long-lasting relationships for self and others. It focuses on understanding emotions and the value of engaging with them from a responsive mindset. As communication is the key to all relationships we discover the elements of intentional language and how to express it to another with clarity and conviction. If you are someone who finds it difficult to explain their emotions and connect with others of significance this program will allow you to experience and express your emotions in a constructive and connecting manner. This program will help you create longer-lasting relationships with others and consolidate a securer relationship with yourself.

couples coaching

This is a unique experience for couples who want to engage in a conscious and intentional relationship with each other. The program is delivered to couples by a male and female coach which honours the space of the masculine and feminine that reside in the sacred space of the conversation.

The program allows for each individual of the couple to have their own experience while also experiencing as a couple, via individual sessions and couples sessions. We will explore the attachment styles of each person, how each couple relates to each other, what the union of the couple represents. The program promotes the building of a secure relationship with self and the partner by creating intentions that are based on the higher good of the soul’s purpose of the coupling process. This program represents the spiritual embodiment of relationships, it carries with it the essence of balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine in which each entity that exists in the relationship.

If you want to connect with your partner in an intimate way that transcends the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual, and joins you together upon the spiritual plans of creating a divine union of self and other-selves.

Process couple works with two practitioners

Male works with male, female works with female

Female works with male, male works with female

Couples come back together

Repeat the process for three months.

light language community

A workshop for both men and women, opening to the Divine Masculine and Feminine through speaking Light Language.

This is the time where you, as the warrior, have chosen to fight the most significant battle, which is the illusion of separation and reclaim your spiritual sovereignty. Reclaim your home and speak your truth, speak the language of light that exists in each and everyone one of us, which wants to be heard, felt and experienced.

The language of light is transformational on every level of being, the sound, tone and feel of the vibration, the speaking of the words, the letting go of the ego. The reconnection to your divinity. The stepping upon the stage of life, the moving forward, the moving toward the light, the love that you ultimately are.

Come and join us, our sisters and brothers and be a part of Wasai.

This is a FREE event held by Maurice Harvey Hall and Damien Cornford.

skillful thinker

spiritual mentor

mindset architect

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